Douglas® Pickleball Premier™ SQ Surface Mount


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The Deluxe Rally Tyro 2 Big Bundle proves you dont have to be a big spender to enjoy plenty of pickleball fun. This bundle comes with four Rally Tyro 2 Composite Paddles that will make it a snap to get started playing doubles.

Rally Tyro 2 Paddles are some of the best beginner paddles available. Theyre a light weight 6.5 “ 6.6 ounces, which allows you to react quickly at the net while controlling your shots.


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Product Discription

Easily convert existing tennis courts to pickleball courts with these easy-to-install surface mount posts. These 36” high posts boast all the features of the standard Premier™ SQ posts except they offer a heavy-duty bottom welded base plate to secure posts to the playing surface.

The Premier™ square posts are constructed of heavy-duty 11-gauge steel. Posts are finished with a black, baked on polyester powder coat finish. This strong finish adds resistance to chipping and the ultimate weather protection against the elements. Posts feature integrated welded steel lacing rods for a professional net installation.

These pickleball posts are internally wound and feature a self-locking gear mechanism. Long lasting gears are constructed of plated steel and the small gear is case hardened. The gear housings and caps are made of cast aluminum alloy. Gear function is 30:1 to ensure a smooth, easy operation. Gear plate cover and removable handle are chrome plated.


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