Douglas® BT-3.0 Knotless Batting Tunnel Nets, Collegiate


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Knotless Nets are constructed from a high tenacity polypropylene in a 3.0 mm fiber thickness with an extruded weather treatment throughout the fibers. 3 year warranty.


Product Discription

The BT-Pro 3.0 Knotless Nets are constructed from a high tenacity polypropylene in a 3.0 mm fiber thickness. With a high tensile and break strength this 3.0 mm pylon withstands and absorbs high ball impact.

The borders and the perimeter of the tunnel net is secured with a 5/16” rope border for easy hanging. Choose from five standard sizes All nets include a convenient overlap style entry door. The BT-Pro Knotless batting tunnel nets carry a 3 year warranty.

All Douglas® Tunnel nets are 1-3/4” square mesh making it easier to hang and provides a cleaner appearance. Our Pylon netting has an extruded UV treatment within the fibers to permanently resist weather, ultra violet, mold and mildew. High tenacity pylon is stronger and offers longevity over coated nylon netting since the protection treatment will not wear off.

Choose from our standard high quality batting tunnel nets or we can custom fabricate to your exact size specifications. Custom tunnels are manufactured with reinforced vinyl on top and centers instead of rope borders.

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12'H x 12'W x 35'L, 12'H x 12'W x 55'L, 12'H x 12'W x 70'L, 12'H x 12'W x 75'L, 12'H x 14'W x 55'L, 12'H x 14'W x 70'L, 12'H x 14'W x 75'L


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