Douglas® 4″ SQ Aluminum Adjustable Net System


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Offers the versatility to easily adjust from ground level to 8’ allowing play for multiple sports including pickleball, tennis, volleyball, badminton and much more. Unicourt™ multi-purpose net and ground sleeves are included.


Product Discription

Turn your court into a multi-sport court with this versatile easy-to-use adjustable net system. This recreational quality post set is great for backyard courts or any facility that has limited space and wants a multi-use court such as apartment complexes, churches, home owners associations or even hotels.

With the Douglas® Aluminum Adjustable Net System you simply move the net pulleys and clips to the desired location within the structured post channel. The net can be set anywhere from ground level to 8’ on the pole to play a variety of court sports including pickleball, tennis, badminton and volleyball. The built-in structured channel allows for quick and easy net height adjustments.

This solid system is made in the USA and is constructed of 4” square extruded structural aluminum that has excellent bend resistance and is 100% rust proof. The post and steel hardware components are finished with a black, baked on polyester powder coat finish. This strong finish adds resistance to chipping and the ultimate weather protection against the elements. Poles are 10’6” high and the complete system is only 150 lbs.; which is half the weight of a comparable steel system.

The rugged net tensioning reel case and gears are constructed of heavy duty steel. This simple reel assembly is easy-to-use and has a smooth operation. Handle has a comfortable contoured grip and is removable to prevent any unwanted tampering.

The high quality, USA made Unicourt™ adjustable net is made from 1-3/4” square mesh in 3mm heavy gauge netting making it unsurpassed for durability and weather resistance. The net headband is lock-sewn in 2 ply vinyl coated polyester. Vinyl bottom tape and side pockets are also polyester based and won’t shrink, mildew or rot when exposed to the elements. Net comes complete with supporting side dowels and (4) bungee cords for an easy hook-on installation.

All hardware for a complete setup is provided; including (1) pulley, (6) eye hooks, bungee clips, bungee cords, Unicourt™ adjustable net and ground sleeves.


What is the height of the Aluminum Adjustable Net System?
Poles are 10’6” long and go 2’ into the ground leaving the poles at 8’ 6” above ground.

What if the standard net widths don’t accommodate my court size?
As the manufacture we can custom fabricate a net to your exact dimensions. Please contact us for a custom quote.

How do I know what size net to purchase?
Our nets are made 4’ shorter than post spacing, leaving a 2’ gap on either side of the net. This gap is for bungee cords to be used for attachment as opposed to lacing cord, which allows you to quickly and easily adjust the height of your net. Post spacing depends on your area, but the max spacing is usually 42’ apart. If space allows, many people set their posts at 42’ (Standard Tennis Post Spacing), and get a 38’ net. If you are unsure what size would work best for you, please feel free to reach out and we can help determine the best fit for your court.

Do you have to remove the net in order to adjust the height?
Yes, you simply unwind the top net cable to loosen, and unhook the (4) bungee cords. Then reinstall the net at desired location.

Can the adjustable net system be left up all year round?

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5 lbs


24' Net, 28' Post Spacing, 28' Net, 32' Post Spacing, 32' Net, 36' Post Spacing, 38' Net, 42' Post Spacing


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